Budapest VIII. ker weather

 Latitude N 47° 29' 22"    Longitude E 19° 04' 09"    Elevation 130 m  (a.s.l.)

Dawn: 06:46 Sunrise: 07:18 Moonrise: 19:06 Moon
Dusk: 18:08 Sunset: 17:37 Moonset: 08:49
Daylight (0/1): 1 Day length: 10:19 Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Welcome to Budapest Centrum

The weather station is the Oregon WMR200, and these pages are updated every 1 minutes. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight (HLT).

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Budapest szmogtérképe

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Current Conditions

at Hungarian Local Time (HLT): 14:53 on 26 október 2018 péntek (UTC: 12:53 on 26 október 2018)
TEMPERATUREs and Humidity
'Feels like' Temperature 17,0°C  (Falling   +0,1°C/hr) Today: 0,0 - 19,7°C
Direct Sun Temperature 20,9°C Shaded Temperature 15,8°C
WetBulb Temperature (WBT) 11,9°C Heat Index (HI) 17,0°C Apparent Temperature (AT) 15,2°C
Windchill (WCT) 17,0°C Humidex 17,0°C
(outside) DewPoint (DP) 6,8°C (calculated) Cloudbase 1273 m (outside) Rel. Humidity (RH) 51 %  (today: 0 - 57 %)
(Station): Indoor temperature 24,7°C Inside humidity 27 % (corr. +5 %)
Current UV index (UVI) 1  (today's max: 1) UV 'sunburn' time:
Current Solar Radiation 0  W/m² Evapotranspiration (today) 0,00  mm Sunshine hours (today) 0,0  hr
Max. theoretical Solar Radiation 286  W/m²
Rainfall (Last Hour) 0,0  mm Last rainfall at: 2018-10-26 10:01 Rainfall this month 8,3  mm
Rainfall today (since midnight) 6,8  mm Current Rainfall Rate 0,0  mm/hr Rainfall this year 511,5  mm
WIND data
WindSpeed (gust) 13,0  km/h WindSpeed (10-min avg) 5,4  km/h Beaufort F1 Light air
Wind Bearing 195° SSW WindDir (10-min avg) 222° SW Windrun (today) 20,0  km
Barometer  1012,0 hPa Falling slowly -0,3  hPa/3hr

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TNET Cumulus Jp Graphs: 12/24/48/72/96 Hours Graphs (Budapest Centrum)

These graphs are created using collected realtime.txt data from a Cumulus Weather Station software program. Data is collected using a separate script (realtimelog.php) that looks for new data once a minute and stores that data into a log file called realtime.log.

There are currently scripts in this set:

Below are examples of the scripts using collected realtime.txt data. They show each of the current scripts in various modes showing number of hours (12/24/48/72 and 96 hrs), and the frequency of the sample (Once/Twice/4 times an Hour).

12 Hour Graphs (test)

Temp Graph
Dewpt Graph
Baro Graph
Wind Graph
Wind Dir Graph
Rain Graph
Solar Graph
UV Graph
Indoor Temp Graph

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